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Cornerstone Community Radio       


History of Cornerstone Community Radio, Inc.

Cornerstone Community Radio, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization formed in 1983 with the mission of building and operating Christian radio stations in cities where there is a need, as God leads.  As of August 2011, Cornerstone has constructed 12  full-power radio stations and helped dozens of other groups acquire a FCC permit to construct a new Christian radio station in their community.  

Cornerstone's original founders were:  Dick & Pat Van Zandt, Pastor Art Gregg, Pastor Sal Siano, James Bailey, & Win Rowert.  Dick Reed joined the Board of Directors shortly thereafter.  Together the founders had over 70 years of ministry  and broadcasting experience when they formed Cornerstone Community Radio. 

Cornerstone's first radio station was WGNV "Wisconsin's Good News Voice" which began broadcasting the Good News of Jesus to Central Wisconsin in 1985.  WGNV serves the cities of: Wausau, Stevens Point, Wis. Rapids, & Marshfield.

The Good News of Jesus was first broadcast on WLUJ "Lifting Up Jesus" in Central Illinois on March 17, 1987, with the vision of broadcasting to Springfield, the state capitol.  From the beginning, WLUJ has been a Primary Affiliate of the Moody Broadcasting Network in Chicago, a trusted name in Christian radio.  WLUJ, with studio and offices in Springfield, Illinois, is Cornerstone's "Flagship" station and will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in March 2012.

Over these years of ministry, we have seen God do miracles time and time again in order to help us get a new Christian radio station constructed and on-the-air.  There have been countless battles and challenges along the way, and there were several times when it looked like we had lost the battle...  "But thanks be unto God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ".  I Cor. 15:57

Throughout our years of ministry we have seen God's Spirit move in a powerful way thousands of times to: encourage, edify, equip, inform, and bring salvation to those who would open their hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is truly heart warming to read the letters that come in from our listeners.  If you visit one of our radio stations be sure to ask to see some of these heart warming letters.  "To God be the glory for the great things He has done...."!  (and continues to do!)


Major Dates and Events of Cornerstone:

-1983: Cornerstone Community Radio is formed as a Non-Profit Corporation.

-1985: WGNV went On-the-Air in Central Wisconsin!  (Wausau area) 

-1987: WLUJ went On-the-Air" in Central Illinois!  (Springfield area)

-1989: WJLU went On-the-Air in Central Florida!  (Daytona Beach area)

-1995: WWGN went On-the-Air in Ottawa/Lasalle/Peru, Illinois!

-1996: WGNN went On-the-Air in Champaign, Illinois!

-1996: Cornerstone purchases Studio Building in downtown Springfield, IL

-1999: WLUJ 89.7-FM in Springfield increases power to 20,000 watts!

-1999: WGNJ went On-the-Air in St. Joseph/Danville, Illinois!

-2000: WLWJ 88.1-FM went On-the-air in Petersburg, Illinois!

-2003: WRLJ went On-the-Air in White Hall, Illinois!

-2003: WLLM 1370-AM went On-the-Air in Lincoln, Illinois.

-2006: KMDY 90.9-FM went On-the-Air in Keokuk, Iowa with 7,000 watts!

-2007: WGNX 96.7-FM went On-the-Air in Macomb, Illinois!

-2009:  Quincy, Illinois: 89.7-FM Translator went On-the-Air!

-2011: WJWR 90.3-FM went On-the-Air in Bloomington, Illinois!

-2019: WGNX 96.7 in Macomb becomes part of WLUJ Family of Stations

-FUTURE:  "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things that you know not of".  Jeremiah 3:33

To God Be the Glory!


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